Name: Busbar Fabrication Machine

Model: HBC-A120


Busbar Fabrication Machines are designed in order to facilitate bending, punching and cutting busbars.


Bender controller equiped by spring back compensation system digital bending indicator leads to perfect bending result Rotatable plates prevent fractions in busbar surface

Edge bending mold (optional) to bend busbar from edge side busbar size limits;40 x 10mm up to 90 degree50 x 10mm up to 45 degree

Twist bending mold (optional) to twist busbar for special purpose busbar size limits;60 x 10mm up to 90 degree

Laser pointer helps to find center of holes easily easy and changeable dies none fixed stripper plate prevents fraction in dies double acting hydraulic systems prevents sticking dies in busbar after punching

Guides could be moved up to center of dies

Rollers at two side of puncher for ease of busbar movement

Programmable metering system cause high accuracy in positioning of holes (optional)

Could be programmed in absolute and incremental positions

Programmable for 20 positions

Handy metering system with high accuracy adjustment

Circle dies from M6 up to M18