PAYAPRESS knowledge based company is a Pioneer manufacturer of Busbar machines, Sheet metal punch machine and hydraulic tools. PAYAPRESS team is always looking for solutions to improve their machines and to stay current with technology trends. Our wide range of busbar processing machines such as busbar bending machine, busbar punching machine, busbar cutting machine, 3 in 1 busbar machine, CNC busbar punching machine and etc., made it easier for users to choose the best machine that fits their job so they could meet all of their needs in the field of fabricating aluminum and copper busbars.

The variety of PAYAPRESS advanced busbar machines in function and size gives the users with different work places and different usages, many options to choose the perfect device.

Precision is the most important feature of our devices. PAYAPRESS machines are very precise in cutting, punching and specially in bending which is the exact element that users of these kind of machine are looking for.

High technology is the another feature that makes our devices unique. PAYAPRESS busbar machines are equipped with high-tech features such as: Programmable length stopper, which helps you with positioning of holes in puncher and causes high accuracy in positioning of cuts, spring back compensation system which helps you to create accurate bends, Digital bending indicator which leads to perfect bending results and etc., These devices are also equipped with 4.0 industry technology which gives the users the access to take feedbacks from the device and also fix issues from here at any time needed.

Switchgear and electrical panel builders from all over the world have reached out to us and they are happy with their choice and result they are receiving from the devices.

PAYAPRESS can take care of customers’ requirements worldwide and our expert engineers provide customers with technical support at any time requested.

payapress busbar machine
payapress busbar machine
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