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Frequently asked questions

How to purchase a PAYAPRESS machine?

How's the purchasing process?

The process is very simple:

1. Send a contact mail including the items you are concerned about.
2. Next you will receive an offer with the quotation for the different machines we manufacture at the INCOTERM you have requested.
3. If you agree with the quotation, please send us an email to confirm that you accept the offer. We will then as soon as possible prepare a proforma invoice for you with all the purchasing terms on it and the banking details where you will be able to transfer the money into.
4. Once this payment has been made, by bank transfer or L/C, we will then proceed with delivery according to the terms agreed in the proforma: EXWORKS, FOB, CFR or CIF.
5. Once the goods are shipped, we will proceed to the mailing of the requirement documents (invoice, delivery notes, B/L, insurance etc. for the customs clearance. (by DHL o UPS)
6. Contact between PAYAPRESS and the customers is constant until the machines are at the customers' facilities.

*What happens if we've never before imported a machine from any other country?
In PAYAPRESS we've got agents in more than 20 countries which will offer you solutions to solve your problems at anytime.
The customer will always be assisted by the company's experts who will help you with videos and online help to solve your issues 24/7.

What happens if a machine PAYAPRESS breaks down?

90% of incidences are solved out on the phone, mail, Skype or video conferencing in less than  24hours. We will also provide you with videos to solve your issues faster. 

What happens if such an incidence requires the presence of a technician?

In case of needing presencial technical assistance, we may as well send a technician to the customer's facilities.

How can I contact the TAS (Technical Assistance Service)?

Mail, chat, telephone, skype or videoconferencing.

How many years warranty?

PAYAPRESS grants 2 years of warranty for all of the machines. it includes solving your problems in Technical, Electrical and Mechanical issues with providing you with videos and online help and eventually sending a technician to customer's facilities if needed.

Please note that if the operator causes damages to the device, PAYAPRESS will not be responsible and it will not be a part of warranty.  

How are the machines packed?

Before wrapping up the machine, it is to be lubricated, put on a wooden pallet to insert the fixing bolts and all the covers and the wheels must be locked. It must be wrapped with a plastic that has no holes over it. In all cases, the transportation must be made with a box body vehicle. It shouldn't be exposed to the bad weather conditions.

How do we know the payment is safe and that we'll receive the machine we've paid for?

We will provide you with a list of our customers in and out of the related region that you can communicate and get information about our devices and make sure of our commitment due to safe delivery.

When will I get my machine?

The delivery time for NC machines is 60 working days while for CNC is 120 working days.

How long can a PAYAPRESS machine last?

PAYAPRESS company has 15 years of experience in exporting busbar machines worldwide. Overtime, The machines have gotten way more advanced and none of our clients were dissatisfied with the quality and life time of the devices since now. Our first generation machines are still working for our oldest clients and they are happy with their choice, And that proves the quality and long life time of PAYAPRESS devices!

How to start up the machine?

- All of the machines come with a Installation and Instruction manual

- Our experts will provide you with Installation videos.

- In case if you were not able to start up the machines with the already given solutions, we will send experts to your region to take care of it.


Frequently asked questions
What is the maximum busbar size for PAYAPRESS machines?

PAYAPRESS NC machines are able to process busbar sizes up to 160*15 mm and CNC could process up to 200*15 mm.  Although, it is possible for us to customize devices for our customers by order.

How precise is the busbar bending process in PAYAPRESS machines?

PAYAPRESS will provide you with bending machines that are equipped with a rotary encoder with a pulse factor of 3600 pulses per revolution in couple that is directly connected to the movable rotating plates of the bender. Since these plates are attached to the back of the busbar and rotates with it while bending process, the amount of rotation is directly transferred to the encoder (5 Pulses each degree), Then, the bender controller system is online to adjust the bending amount and after reaching the desired bending angle, it ends the process.

What are the extra features of PAYAPRESS busbar machines?

PAYAPRESS Extra features includes:
1-Programmable length stopper in Cutter and Puncher
This feature causes high accuracy in positioning of holes and cuts.
2- Laser Pointer in puncher
This feature helps to find center of holes easily
3- Various types of bending molds
Step Mold, Edge bending mold, Twist bending mold, End-bending mold
4- Special punching molds
Oval and Rectangle dies are optional

How much is the punching power of the sheet metal punch machine?

The punching power of the punching machine is 16 ton and the throat depth is 63 cm

What does the CNC machine do and how many station does it have?

This machine is equipped with seven tool stations for Punching and Cutting aluminum and copper busbars and could handle busbars in length of 4 meters with thickness of 15 mm

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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