Bender station 

To bend copper busbars up to 120*12 mm  simultaneously 


Hydraulic Power Packs

Equipped with 3 power packs


Puncher station

To punch copper busbars up to 120*12 mm simultaneously


Digital controller for puncher and cutter

To give instructions to the puncher and cutter station to reach to perfect results 


Digital controller for bender

To give instructions to the bender station to reach to perfect results 

Model: HBC-A120 ES/EH

Busbar Bending Machine & Busbar Punching Machine & Busbar Cutting Machine

3 in 1 Busbar Machine

What is 3 in 1 Busbar Machine?
When it comes to busbar machines, HBC-A shines above all. This device is a full functioning 3 in 1 busbar machine that could fulfill all of your needs regarding busbar processing. In all three processes, The maximum busbar size that can be obtained is 12 × 120 mm. To explain more about this device the first thing that should be mentioned is that this device is equipped with 3 power packs which will give you the option to operate on all of the three sections which is punching, cutting and bending. This means 3 operators could work simultaneously on the device without having any disruption. This busbar machine is the most popular device among other devices in our wide range of products and the reason is that it can handle all of the busbar processing levels such as cutting, punching and bending at the same time. 
High precision plays a very important role on this device. With the help of programmable length stopper you will be able to get the finest and the most accurate results from each section. Also this device has been recently equipped with industry 4.0 which helps you with getting feedback from device at any time.




Busbar Processing Machine Features


– Bender controller equipped with spring back compensation system.
– Digital angle indicator leads to perfect bending result.
– Rotatable plates prevent fractions in busbar surface
Step mold (Optional)
– To create too closed bends in one stroke
– could be designed in different sizes by order
Edge bending mold (optional)
– To bend busbars from edge side
– Busbar size limit: 40 × 10 mm
Up to 90 degree and 50× 10 mm
Up to 45 degree
Twist bending mold (Optional)
– To twist busbars for special purpose
– Busbar size limits: 60 × 10 mm
Up to 90 degrees.


Laser pointer helps to find the center of holes easily
– Easy and changeable dies
– Movable stripper plate prevents fraction in dies
– Double acting hydraulic system prevents sticking dies in busbar after punching
Guides could be moved up to center of dies
Rollers at two side of puncher for ease of busbar movement
Programmable Length Stopper cause high accuracy in positioning of holes (Optional)
– Could be programmed in absolute and incremental positions
– Programmable for 20 positions
Handy Length stopper with high accuracy adjustment
Circle dies from M6 up to M18
Oval and rectangle dies (Optional)


– Precise cutting with high quality
– Perfect finishing after cutting
– Center oriented guide leads to the best result
– Programmable Length Stopper cause high accuracy in positioning of cuts (Optional)
– Could be programmed in absolute and incremental positions
– Programmable for 20 positions
Rollers at two sides of cutter for ease of busbar movement
Handy Length Stopper with high accuracy adjustment

HBC-A120-EH | HBC-A120-ES


Cutting ,Punching and
Bending Busbars
Up to 120 x 12mm Bender capacity
Up to 120 x 12mm Cutting capacity
Circle dies: M6 up to M18 Oval and Rectangle Dies (Optional) Punching capacity
Electronic Controller
High Accuracy Encoder
Bender controller
Step Mold (Optional)
Edge Bending Mold (Optional)
Twist Bending Mold (Optional)
End-Bending Mold (Optional)
Bender Molds
Laser Pointer Puncher center finder
Handi Length Stopper (EH)
Programmable Length Stopper (ES)
Length measuring in puncher and cutter
Three Separate Power Packs
Double Acting System
Hydraulic system
200 Bar Operating pressure
3 x 1.5 Kw Power rating
380 volt – 3/50 Hz Voltage
Hydraulic Oil H68 – 70 Liters Oil
200 x 110 x 100 (H) cm Main desk dimension
110 x 110 cm Roller desk dimension



Frequently asked questions

What type of electrical motors are used in this device?

All of the Payapress devices are equipped with “Siemens” motors.

What kind of bending molds does it have?

Z-Shape bending die, Edge bending die, Narrow bending die, short leg bend mold which all are optional and can be made by customer’s order.

What kind of punching dies does it have?

Circle dies are from M6 up to M18, Oval and rectangular dies are optional and can be made by the customer’s order.

How much is the price?

For gaining more information about the price contact the sales department.

What is the bending accuracy of the device?

Payapress will provide you with bending machines that are equipped with a rotary encoder with a pulse
factor of 3600 pulses per revolution in couple that is directly connected to the movable rotating plates of
the bender.




Feel free to contact us and

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