middle east energy

middle east energy

Experience in attending international exhibitions:

A major question in our commercial and sales team is, which exhibition is more suitable for our products, i.e. Busbar Processing machines? The answer to this question is very important considering the variety of exhibitions in the world and also the geographical diversity of the market, therefore, participating in any international exhibition takes a high cost from the company’s marketing budget. For a more accurate decision about attending the exhibition, this event can be categorized into two aspects.

1- Classification in terms of geographical visitors

Although many exhibitions have an international title, their visitors are specific to the same country, while some have visitors from one geographical region and a few are truly international, for example, the ELECRAMA exhibition, which is an important and large exhibition in India’s electrical industry has the vast majority of visitors from the great country of India, While the MIDDE EAST ELECTRICITY exhibition in the city of Dubai has many visitors from the MENA region exclusively, sometimes more than the UAE visitors, and an exhibition like HANNORE MESSE attracts visitors from all over the world, therefore, according to the sales strategy and the countries, The purpose of selling products is that each of these models has its own merits and demerits.


2- Categorization from the specialized aspect of the exhibition

Exhibitions are classified according to their field of expertise, for example, for busbar processing machines and products, there are exhibitions titled “Industry exhibition”, “Machinery exhibition”, “Metal industry exhibition”, and “Sheet metal work” related to these machines. Instead, this classification can be based on the specialized field of consumers, i.e. energy and electricity. Therefore, the category of busbar machines is placed both in the category of exhibitions such as STEEL FAB, HANNORE MESE, EUROBLECH and in the category of electrical exhibitions such as ELECRAME MIDDLE EAST ELECTRICITY. The annual experience of this company shows that since the visitors of specialized exhibitions in the field of Electricity consumption are the main contacts of these devices, so the real visitors for these products are placed in this category.

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