Aluminum Busbar

Aluminum Busbar

Aluminum Busbar

Aluminum busbar can be used for different usage such as transformers, distribution boards and electrical panel boards.

Aluminum is more economic for massive production as well as its light weight. The surface area of aluminum is larger than copper due to its lower conductivity.

The benefits of Aluminum Busbar:

  • Multiple application in different electrical panels
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Installation and transportation due to its weight
  • greater heat exchange and more efficient thermal dissipation

Aluminum Busbar



Busbar Arrangements:

Busbar should be selected base on their flexibility and reliability. Electrical factors should be considered in busbar arrangements to keep continuity with cheap installation of busbar. Read more with benefits of Aluminum Busbar

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Single Busbar Arrangement:

Single busbar arrangement is straight and it consists of a switchboard. This kind of arrangement is easy operation and cheap with small maintenance. Low flexibility and its usage in small substations could be mentioned as week points of single busbar arrangements.



Aluminum Busbar



 Double Busbar Arrangement:

It consists of two busbars and circuit breakers. High flexibility and loading are most considerable properties of double busbar arrangement. Read more with benefits of Aluminum Busbar


One and a Half Arrangements:

This particular arrangement will use half a circuit breaker which is mainly used in large stations and this arrangement could protect the system against loss of power supply and it is easy to add further circuits within the system, however it has high maintenance cost.

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