One of the most common question of customers about Busbar cutting machine is “how many millimeter is the scrap of busbar cutter?” or “could you eliminate scrap at busbar cutting machine?”

But our frustrating answer is: it is not possible! But why we have to have it? Why we couldn’t have similar process of sheet metal shearing machine that have no scrap? Busbar is expensive and scrap means losing money!

For thickness above 5mm if we use “V” type of blades for eliminate scrape of cutting process, end edge of busbar damage and we couldn’t reach to 90 degree at final edge, in the other hand  it cause to some damage on surface of busbar.

Surface of busbar are critically important due to current and connection of two busbars so if we don’t have scrap equal to thickness of cutter blade final result of busbar surface is not acceptable!

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